Where There's DASF, There's Hope

The Denton Animal Support Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to saving Denton animals. DASF supports the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center through fundraising which lowers adoption fees, provides medical care to sick and injured animals, and offers general shelter support like pet supplies. DASF also assists through marketing efforts, promoting adoptable pets and using funds to boost overlooked animals that need a little extra publicity. We are definitely fans of all the cats and doggos here at Swash Labs, so we love getting to assist this awesome organization.

Dexter acknowledges that DASF can’t do it alone — the support received from generous donors allows DASF to continue in its mission to save more Denton animals.

The Challenge

DASF is continuously raising funds to help Denton’s puppies and kitties, but no day is more important than North Texas Giving Day. On North Texas Giving Day, bonus funds are offered on donations of $25 or more. This means that contributions actually go further on North Texas Giving Day, so getting the word out is a must!

In 2017, DASF approached us about creating a campaign to raise awareness for their organization and North Texas Giving Day. They needed something that people would remember and recognize — something eye-catching enough that when the day came, donors would remember DASF and why it is their charity of choice.

The Campaign

This is the moment that Dexter was born. Well, not literally. Dexter is a happy, chunky cat who is definitely not a kitten anymore. But this is when our Dexter, DASF’s Dexter, entered our world.

The “Dexter” campaign was created to spotlight DASF’s services for the community in a way that is fun and memorable. People often confuse DASF with the actual City of Denton animal shelter, so this video series aims to clearly communicate the role that DASF plays in the lives of animals — all told through the eyes of an adorable spokescat.

Through a series of short videos, Dexter shares his Cinderella origin story, introducing us to DASF and all it does for Denton animals. Dexter explains how DASF helps sick and injured animals, provides adoption subsidy funds to encourage adoptions, and generally supports the shelter. Most importantly, Dexter acknowledges that DASF can’t do it alone — the support received from generous donors allows DASF to continue in its mission to save more Denton animals.

Dexter informs the public about North Texas Giving Day, and even reminds us that we can preschedule our donation. With his impossible-to-resist personality and undeniable cuteness, Dexter is an entertaining reminder to donate and make a difference in the lives of animals in need.


The Result

The “Dexter” campaign reached over 42,000 people, with 60,500 organic video views, 30,320 impressions, and 260 website visits. Best of all, North Texas Giving Day 2017 was a complete success. For the first time since 2013, DASF increased the amount of money raised and the number of donors from the previous year. They were awarded a grand total of $82,881 that will help save Denton animals. Thanks to this campaign, Dexter and his friends will get all the love and care they need.