If you love it, let it grow.

Because our company and many of our employees have roots in Denton, we know how dedicated people can be when it comes to pulling together and making the city great. It’s obvious that people are proud to live here. They feel responsible for what goes on, and will band together when they feel strongly about something. And we get it... we love Denton too! This is why we were so excited for the opportunity to work with the Denton Economic Development Partnership to help connect the community to some of our favorite local businesses by amplifying the narrative of the E. Hickory Capital Improvement Project.

The Challenge

In 2014, the City of Denton launched a major construction project to make East Hickory Street a safer, more walkable part of the downtown scene. After several months of demolition of the street and sidewalks – as well as a couple unplanned setbacks – the local restaurants and shops began to feel the repercussions. The City of Denton recognized this issue and came to us in hopes that business owners would not need to sacrifice their livelihoods for the city-wide restoration project.


The Campaign

To combat the lack of foot traffic and visibility, we kicked out a full-blown campaign encouraging the community to #growacity. We produced several videos highlighting the East Hickory Street businesses and their owners, developed a holiday canned food drive, (Can Drive Down Hickory), and told the story of Denton’s beloved history and future through creative photography, compelling copywriting, and a multi-platform ad campaign. All of this promoted the visibility of local institutions, and encouraged the public to continue patronizing these businesses despite the inconvenience of ongoing construction.

The E. Hickory Capital Improvement Project finally ended in March of 2015. Today, we are grateful for the chance to get to know and work with the inspiring local business owners along East Hickory Street. What’s more, we all get to reap the benefits of a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly corridor just east of the square!

In the fall of 2015, our Hickory Street Project campaign won the “Best Marketing Program (over 50,000 population)” from the Texas Downtown Association. (Thank you to the City of Denton for submitting our work for the nomination.)


The Result

With an overall reach in excess of 200,000 people, 1.9 million impressions, and 16,000 content engagements over 90 days, the Hickory Street Project produced an overwhelmingly positive reaction – and the businesses on Hickory Street affected by construction shared in that reaction, reporting increased trial, awareness, and business following the campaign’s launch.

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