The Way We move is a Way of Life

Little Guys Movers is a privately owned moving business with locations all across the U.S., providing residential and commercial moving services. Founded in 1992, Little Guys Movers is built on the idea that moving shouldn’t suck. By doing right by their customers, hiring professional and trustworthy employees, and encouraging a fun work culture, moving can be more comfortable for everyone. It’s not just about getting things from one place to another — it’s a matter of hospitality.

Little Guys Movers is built on the idea that moving shouldn’t suck.

The Challenge

Since we began working with Little Guys Movers in 2012, one thing has been made abundantly clear — their product is their people. This is no shady, fly-by-night moving company, and their customers know it. People come to Little Guys because they are seeking movers with professionalism, experience, and the creativity and fortitude to tackle whatever challenge comes their way. Trusting anyone with your home is a big leap, and when customers call Little Guys Movers, they know they aren’t just rolling the dice. We wanted to create a campaign that would underscore Little Guys Movers’ standout employees, and that quality service comes from a company whose employees are proud to work there.

The Campaign

This led us to the “Way of Life” campaign. “Way of Life” gets to the heart of what it means to be a Little Guy, showing how moving is so ingrained in their employees that it permeates every aspect of their lives. This flexible concept is well-suited to a serial format, allowing us to come up with new scenarios over and over.

The first “Way of Life” video spotlights the Little Guys’ professionalism as they move someone into a home — and as they move their own music equipment for a post-work show. As the scene switches back and forth between work and play, we see that the Little Guys administer the same care with customers’ possessions as with their personal instruments and amps. These guys aren’t simply trying to get the job done — for them, moving is a way of life.

To potential customers, this indicates that Little Guys’ employees are highly-trained, exceptionally considerate, and utterly professional at work and in their own lives. Customers can see that the Little Guys know exactly how to care for their belongings and are totally trustworthy. To potential employees, “Way of Life” communicates that Little Guys Movers is a company that values a job done right, and that they equip their employees with all the skills they need to make that happen. Furthermore, the musician aspect of the campaign captures the fun and laid back culture of a company where many of the employees are musicians themselves.


The Result

This campaign garnered 247,490 impressions, 92,386 video views, and 165 website visits. As the first in the series, the video set the precedent for future concepts that will all live under the umbrella of a united message — for Little Guys, moving is a way of life.

Update: But Wait, There's More

Swash Labs is proud to announce that Episode 2 in our Way of Life series rolled out last month, and boy is it adorable.