When it comes to moving, business is personal.

What do you do when you’re the little guys in a world of big business? Demonstrate why it’s better to think local, leave a positive impact on the community, and, most importantly, treat people right. Everyone knows moving is the worst. It is a cruel, visceral process in which one is literally uprooted from an otherwise familiar world and propelled into the new and unknown. Plus, it’s also just damned exhausting.

Nevertheless, moving is a part of life and good things can result from it – a new environment begets new experiences and new insights. It’s just that, well, usually it helps to have someone go through that stressful, burdensome transition with you. And that’s where these guys come in. Working Theory is a way to show what being there for people – clients, community, and their own employees – means to Little Guys Movers.

Telling the Story

The Working Theory video series (currently 11 episodes long, but we’ve got more up our sleeves!) first rolled out in October of 2014. The message took a two-pronged approach: first, it was designed to communicate to potential customers the level of investment that Little Guys puts into each move. They are not a pop-up, fly-by-night operation. Rather, they’ve built themselves up from a local, single-location business to 13 stores across the Southeast, spending more than two decades practicing and honing their craft. (There’s a reason the first episode is titled “The Art of the Move.”) Like the best restaurant service you’ve ever had, Little Guys wants to be able to anticipate and address your moving needs before you even know you have them. This level of service, executed by a genuinely pleasant and experienced staff, is what Little Guys is all about.

Second, we used Working Theory content to talk about how the company invests in the people that work for them. Most of the episodes feature movers and managers from past and present as they discuss the value of working for Little Guys Movers, the true sense of camaraderie, and the internal opportunities to pursue long-term careers goals. This message communicates to potential job seekers that working for Little Guys means working for a company that values quality workmanship without sacrificing a fun work environment.

Want to see the entire series? Grab a bowl of popcorn (and maybe some tissues) and check out the Little Guys Movers Working Theory playlist.


The Result

People engage with compelling, well-told stories, and they remember what they learned. With engagement metrics that outperformed each platform’s standard, Working Theory flowed across Google and Facebook to produce over 850,000 views at an average cost per view of $0.01, effectively reaching over 280,000 unique users in 13 distinct markets.

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