Andi Harman

Lead Designer & Photographer

Andi is a photographer and designer who started working at Swash Labs years ago as an intern while studying for her undergrad. She loves the conducive environment for creative collaborative work that Swash Labs provides, and enjoys pitching polished ideas to clients. Both inside and outside of work, Andi’s curiosity is always leading her down new creative paths: right now she is looking forward to sharpening her skills in hand-lettering, motion graphics, and coding. She found her current mantra tucked into a Murakami novel and reminds herself often that leaving her comfort zone and trying new things ultimately leads to a bounty of rewards and valuable experience:

“Mental acuity was never born from comfortable circumstances.”

A Dallas-area native (Denton born, Carrollton raised), Andi acquired a BFA in Visual Arts Studies with a Minor in Education at UNT. She transitioned out of her degree into a full-time position with us. Outside of work accomplishments, she’s also been nominated for Best Photographer and Best Music Photographer by the Dallas Observer. Photography is a big part of her work, and her passion outside of the job. She’s also into collecting records, watching basketball, going to shows, and playing video games.

As our token millennial, Andi is basically a walking Urban Dictionary – her youthful awareness keeps us in check when we misuse our slang or pop culture references.


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Andi Harman | Lead Designer & Photographer

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