This is about jobs people have, right now.

This is about you, being a part of something special.

Swash Labs came into existence because I wanted to do good work that mattered. In starting an ad agency, I hoped to have the opportunity to tell good stories. I believed that small businesses and nonprofits have stories to tell, stories that are just as good as any Fortune 500 company, and probably more compelling.

I believed that these stories deserve to be told, and that hasn’t changed. In telling their stories, we are a positive, transformative force for our clients: we help businesses grow, we help institutions communicate, and we help non-profits do great things like save animals or plant trees or promote art.

I also believed that we could marry the creative aspect of storytelling with science, which has extended beyond our deep data measurement and reporting practice. For example, a few years ago we redesigned a significant portion of our operations around behavioral economics in an effort to mitigate cognitive bias. The results have been pretty spectacular, and that work continues.

Another big driver behind the idea of Swash Labs is that I wanted the opportunity to do this good work closer to home. As far back as the late 90’s, I always had to drive an hour or more to do the kind of work that would help a business grow or could help an idea become a reality.

I would complain often about how bad that sucked, and say that I wished someone would start a shop in Denton. “Why can’t I do this work where I am?” I would say. “There must be important work that can be done here in Denton.”

Diana, who is exceedingly smart and wise, eventually grew tired of me not being able to see the answer right in front of my face and said, one day, gently: “Well, why don’t you do it? You could be the person who starts that shop.”

Following Diana’s advice is always wise, because she is wise. So I did it. The result is before you. 

Swash Labs is, without qualification, something special. Swash Labs is good for Denton, and one of the best ad and creative shops in Texas, too. We have helped good people engaged in worthy enterprises make their dreams come true, and we’ve told some pretty good stories along the way.

— Josh Berthume, President / CEO of Swash Labs

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