Diana Leilani Fonner

Director of Agency Operations

Diana showed up to Swash Labs with fifteen years of office management and administrative experience on her side. It doesn’t hurt that she’s trained and certified as a professional learning and developmental specialist, too. At Swash, Diana takes care of Operations and the people who work here. Though it is difficult for her to spend days away from her daughter, she loves the team at Swash and is excited to be working with her husband to grow their family business.

We’re lucky to have Diana here. She is a champion of life-work balance, a pro at handling sticky situations, and somehow manages to think of all the things that the rest of us would probably let go by the wayside during the hustle and bustle of day-to-day work. She makes sure we get paid but also that we have enough wine to get through the week. This lady gets stuff done.

How dare you!

Queen of all things crafty, in her free time Diana especially enjoys sewing, knitting, gardening, baking, reading, and writing. She can’t stop talking about her daughter, Harper, who we have all verified is pretty much the coolest kid on the planet. Follow Diana on Pinterest for party-planning tips, on Instagram @tenthday for snapshots of family adventures, or on Facebook for a little bit of everything.


Josh Berthume | President & CEO

Joan Wells | Account Services Director

Jessica Zerbe | Creative Group Head

Diana Leilani Fonner | Director of Agency Operations

Stephanie Delk | Director of Media & Planning

Andi Harman | Art Director

Charlie Hunter | Media Analyst

Jon Collins | Commercial Director & Cinematographer

Faith Morrison | Copywriter

Todd Little | Graphic Designer