Art Without Consideration

When you’re a graphic designer, by necessity everything you produce is judged; by clients, their customers, co-workers, the general public and, often most critically, by yourself. Depending on the day, this can be stifling, exciting, exhausting, motivating, frustrating, or a little annoying. 

But once in a while, you can take the opportunity to produce something just for the experience of it. My recent medium of choice in this pursuit is paint – a medium I’ve barely touched in a few decades. I can paint – just for the experience of it – something that won’t be received by anyone, and that is, for me, glorious. I have one over-used canvas, a limited number of acrylic paint cans/colors from the second-hand hardware store, some old toothbrushes, a few well-worn paintbrushes, and a lack of any particular painting talent. Put all that together and it means I can have the experience of putting paint on canvas without any consideration of the result – and that is a little slice of heaven.

 PSA: Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

PSA: Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

Joan Wells

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