Swash Labs' Digital Risk Mitigation Services


As of today, Swash Labs is offering a new service: Digital Risk Mitigation.

What is digital risk mitigation? It is all about securing an organization’s digital presence. Through a digital risk audit, we review existing proprietary information storage methods and identify vulnerabilities that may be leaving a company open to security breaches or data fraud. With the information, we can offer specific advice and provide best practices for governing organizational digital security.

As the reach, speed, and efficiency of digital media plays an increasingly more important role in all of our lives, the power of social media tools continues to grow. In most cases, this is a good thing – it is easier for us to stay connected with people we care about, to support causes that are important to us, and to learn about new opportunities, products, and ways to improve our lives.

However, the last few years have shown that these tools can wreak havoc when they are deployed by bad actors, people, corporations, or organizations who have little concern for morals, rules, or ethics. We have seen this play out in politics, and as a matter of professional concern my colleagues and I at Swash Labs have observed and studied these risks as they have evolved.


What we have found is that these bad actors have figured out that it is extraordinarily cheap and easy to sow discord and cause trouble in politics, and these efforts have been extensively reported to the point that they have entered mainstream knowledge. We also know that, thus far, institutional efforts at the platform and regulatory levels are insufficient or non-existent, or so narrow as to not apply outside of political communications.

We also know that it is only a matter of time before these methods and tactics are adopted and deployed outside of politics, specifically by businesses and organizations who seek to discredit, troll, or damage their competition. Digital malfeasance, espionage, and disinformation campaigns are not new in the business world. However, the risk has increased due to the current lack of regulation, which, combined with the power of tools available, the very low cost of using them, and the relative lack of liability involved in using them for unethical purposes, means that these risks must be addressed.

A brand or organization cannot cede the playing field of digital media to the competition – the cost of having no presence or ability to defend yourself is too great. By training our clients in the best practices of operational security and risk mitigation, we can prevent many catastrophes before they even occur. This, combined with the approach to audience building, communications planning, and paid media strategy for which we’ve always advocated, will position our clients to not just survive in the emerging digital risk landscape, but to thrive.

The best defense is a good offense, and our experience and expertise makes Swash Labs uniquely positioned to be the best partner available for brands, organizations, and institutions wishing to secure their digital future.

Interested in learning more about our Digital Risk Mitigation services? Contact us and let’s talk about your company’s security protocols.