Do a Lot of Work

Do a Lot of Work; or, Closing the Gap Between What Kicks Me and What I Produce

You ever heard this (edited) Ira Glass excerpt? I think I first caught wind of it, I dunno, probably a year ago. At the time, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Since then I've been known to listen to it once in a while -- or maybe actually every day before work, or on a continuous loop when I'm trying to find my happy place ...

"...but keep it kickwriting at all costs too, that is,
write only what kicks you and keeps you overtime
awake from sheer mad joy.
-Jack Kerouac

Watch the full interview - one in a series - titled "Ira Glass on Storytelling." It's shot by the producers of in which IG discusses the basics of telling compelling stories and in which he dishes the real dirt about what it takes to be good at it. (Something about ruthless killing?)

Ira Glass: I stole this image off of the internet - please don't sue me. - JZ