The Crybaby Post

As I continue on my quest to go single-use plastic free in 2015, I'm starting to realize the things I'll be going without this year. So this, dear friends, is my Crybaby Post.

I've found plenty of chip bags printed to look like paper, but this one particular bag felt like it could actually be paper, so I decided to try it. Not so much. Sadly, opening the bag revealed a plastic lining. Really clever on the part of the manufacturer, though, the way they made the outside feel like paper. Clever, clever. Yup. Clever.


Inside of Chip Bag


Chips and chocolate

I've been on serious lookout for a paper bag of tortilla chips for a while now. When my garden comes in, I'll be ready for some rockin' chips and salsa. But paper tortilla chip bags all have those little plastic windows --  you know, the ones that let you see the chips that look exactly like every other tortilla chip. But I did find this fully-paper falafel chip bag (uhhh, right next to the paper-wrapped chocolate bar). Wishful thinking, I know, but I hoped maybe a falafel chip could sorta fill the tortilla chip void. At least for a while. But then I opened the bag, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can't even buy the damned falafel chips?! Thank goodness for that paper-wrapped chocolate.


The plastic inside the paper

So, I love, love, love Puffins cereal. Love them. And they were on my definitely-can-buy list for 2015, packaged in their adorable cardboard box with a picture of a real live puffin on the outside. But it seems I never paid attention to the inside of a Puffin box before, which contains tasty Puffin nuggets in a plastic bag. 2015 is now officially the Year Without Puffins. Except for this box. Because, you know, I bought them so I had to eat them.


The sad truth inside the Puffins box

I guess I can't be a crybaby about milk because I'm just straight-up breaking the resolution when it comes to feeding my milk addiction. I'm trying to find milk in a glass bottle, but so far no luck, so I'm cheat-cheat-cheating. You can buy buttermilk, cream, and half-and-half in a cardboard carton without a plastic spout. But not regular milk. WHYYY???


There's no plastic cap on the buttermilk!

Saddest of all, I won't be able to try a cricket bar in 2015. This resolution just got real, you guys.


Protein from cricket flour. Yum!

Joan Wells