Faith Morrison


Faith is our resident wordsmith. As the copywriter here at Swash Labs, Faith puts pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keyboard) to help our clients communicate with their audiences. As a UNT graduate and avid lover of Denton, she is proud to be a part of this creative community in the city she loves.

"Just start.
A blank page is the ultimate enemy."

When Faith isn’t writing at Swash, you can find her reading novels, petting cats, or eating tacos with her husband, Jake.


Josh Berthume | President & CEO

Joan Wells | Account Services Director

Jessica Zerbe | Creative Group Head

Diana Leilani Fonner | Director of Agency Operations

Stephanie Delk | Director of Media & Planning

Andi Harman | Art Director

Charlie Hunter | Media Analyst

Jon Collins | Commercial Director & Cinematographer

Faith Morrison | Copywriter

Todd Little | Graphic Designer