Jessica Zerbe


This is Jess. You can call her J.Z. if you feel so inclined. She’s got a knack for understanding people and how they communicate, and her background in creative writing and working in the service-industry set her up for success, first as the Copy Chief and now as the Creative Director at Swash Labs.

Your reader is no dummy. 

Jess likes to keeps her mind active and creative, even when she’s not at work. She’s either reading a book about one of her role models (probably an SNL hero), hosting a yarn party, or digging up her garden so the Yard Crashers guy will notice her someday.



Josh Berthume | President & CEO

Jessica Zerbe | Creative Director

Joan Wells | Art Director

Scott Garrison | Director, Insights & Research

Stephanie Delk | Director of Media & Planning

Diana Leilani Fonner | Director of Agency Operations

Andi Harman | Lead Designer & Photographer

Charlie Hunter | Media Analyst

Jon Collins | Commercial Director & Cinematographer