Josh Berthume

President / CEO of Swash Labs

Meet our fearless leader. Over the years, Josh has been known for his uncanny ability to bring together creative misfits and inspire them to greatness. Swash Labs may not be the first instance of this phenomenon, but he does consider the business to be his greatest personal achievement. The biggest kick he gets out of being the CEO and President of his own Advertising Oasis is giving other motivated individuals the opportunity to thrive in a workplace they enjoy while making work they are proud of.

The only real mistake you can make is not to start.

Josh grew up in Cleburne, TX. In school he staked claim to the unspoken titles: King of Band Nerds and Unrepentant Lord of the English and Social Studies Departments. He went on to study film scoring and percussion performance at Berklee College of Music, which he abandoned a year into the program after suffering some surprisingly serious music-related injuries. He didn’t let that stop him though, and powered through his schooling to acquire a Masters in Political Science and Behavioral Economics at the University of North Texas. He worked on building predictive violent risk analytics models and interned at a London political risk firm. This is where Josh truly became a data man.

What does a fearless leader do when he is not fearlessly leading? Distance running. Playing video games. Watching movies or baseball. Reading books. Being a family guy and hanging out with his adorable daughter. Follow Josh on Twitter at @jberthume if you’re keen on well-curated content about politics and media that tends to lean more toward satire than serious business.




Josh Berthume | President & CEO

Joan Wells | Account Services Director

Jessica Zerbe | Creative Group Head

Diana Leilani Fonner | Director of Agency Operations

Stephanie Delk | Director of Media & Planning

Andi Harman | Art Director

Charlie Hunter | Media Analyst

Jon Collins | Commercial Director & Cinematographer

Faith Morrison | Copywriter

Todd Little | Graphic Designer