It's 2016. Gimme some nachos!

The two of you who have read my previous blog posts know that I gave up single-use plastic as my 2015 New Year's resolution. But it's 2016 now, so plastic-baby-plastic!


Ha, you don't really believe that about me, do you? To be honest though, I've eased the restrictions, and last night I enjoyed an old staple that I really missed in 2015: 60-second nachos. It was tough not having chips in my house for an entire year, but the closest to chip bags with no plastic are the paper chip bags with the little window in front. That damned little plastic window is all that kept me from enjoying chips at home for an entire year. But I've opened the plastic window for 2016, and I can enjoy a plate full of chips with some equally-anticipated cheddar cheese! I'm still in search of cheese that is packaged in real wax, but until I find it, I'm enjoying the hell out of this big-ass block of plastic-wrapped cheddar.

So far those are my only plastic food additions for 2016, but on the toiletry front I am thrilled to announce I have store-bought deodorant again, and a brand-new bottle of face lotion. You know it's really, really hard to get the last of the lotion out of a bottle, but sawing it in half helps.

So this is it. the end of my plastic blogging. What am I going to obsess about now?! I'll let you know in the next blog, I guess. In the mean time, happy 2016 everybody!

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