Stoked on Stoke

I just got back into the office from pounding the pavement around downtown, hanging posters in the windows at iconic Denton haunts such as Jupiter House, J&J's, and Recycled. It was a total throwback to my intern days, which I am okay with, considering it's 70° and the sun is shining like nobody's business. If you're around town, you'll start to see these bad boys. They're horizontal and red and look a whole lot like this:

You might even see a stack of stickers nearby.

This is something I've been working on here at Swash that I'm feeling pretty wonderful about (humor me; I don't brag about work too often). Spotting branding that you conceived out in the wild is still a real trip. It'll never get old. Also, I haven't used any form of Futura in my work in several years (call it a cleanse), and damn, it feels nice to come back to an old friend.

These materials are promoting Stoke, a new coworking space opening this summer in The Railyard building. That means that YOU could be neighbors with ME someday!

We can't spill too many beans yet about this project, but if it has sparked your interest, you should hop over to and sign up to receive more info.

Andi Harman

Swash Labes, 608 E. Hickory St. Suite 120, Denton, TX 76201, United States