A Birthday Post

Spent my birthday with my best girl Harper Mae.

Spent my birthday with my best girl Harper Mae.

Happy Birthday my fellow Aquarians!  I must admit that I’m in a very superstitious mood this week. My horoscope today says:

“Your mind is going to be sharper than ever, today, which means that you'll be able to pick up anything, quickly. All you have to do is take one glance at the instructions, and you'll be good to go! Learning is not only easy for you today, but it will be a ton of fun! So it's a perfect time for any class work, research or lectures. And if you're curious about a new hobby or sport, why not give it a try, today? You're sure to get the hang of it in no time.

In addition to silly horoscopes birthdays are also about freebies! Over lunch one day this week someone said I should make that my blog post so here we go.

You can Google “birthday freebies” and get lots of suggestions on where to sign up and for what. Here are a few of my favorites:

Chili’s – Free Birthday Dessert. You used to be able to just get this one via email but now I’m also a member of their rewards program so I was able to load my birthday gift to my account and choose it on their kiosk menu. I like this birthday freebie because Chili’s will let you choose any dessert, not just something random.

Kona Grill – Free Dessert or Coupon. If you sign up for their email program you’ll get a $15 coupon for your birthday. I forgot to print mine this year and they just let me choose any dessert after our lunch. Classy.

Starbucks –Free Beverage.  If you register a Starbuck card then you’ll receive a free drink on your birthday.

Dairy Queen – BOGO Blizzards. Sign up for their email and you’ll get a buy one get one coupon for your birthday.

IHOP – Free Breakfast. Sign up with IHOP and you can get a free breakfast, however, be sure to print out your offer or they won’t honor the email. (That happened to me last year.)

Sephora – Free Makeup. Sign up with Sephora and you’ll get a free sample sized item like a lip stick or mini mascara.

Ulta – Free Makeup. Sign up with Ulta and you’ll also get a free sample sized item. (This has been my absolute favorite freebie this year as I think I’m going to be switching to the mascara sample that I received. It has the most amazing wand I’ve ever used!)

Disney Movie Rewards – Free Points. If you have kids and you are buying Disney movies you are probably a member. Login on your birthday to get some free points!

Medieval Times – BOGO Admission. Sign up and receive a coupon for buy one get one admission on your birthday. (I did this for my 26th birthday.)

Trust me when I say there is something out there for everyone. You are going to get older (if you’re lucky) so be sure to enjoy it!