I've Got That Building A Thing Feeling.

Courtney recently wrote here about "the 75%" and not reaching your creative potential. I admit that that is a fear I often have for myself despite any apparent busyness in my personal life.

One of my favorite jobs was working as a production assistant. I liked that the work was straight forward but always changing with the different shows and that there was something tangible going out into the world that I had participated with. It was a real change for me. Once I graduated I went into Higher Education. The students were now the product and I worked with multiple programs that actually made a difference. This was intensely gratifying until the politics muddied the water for me. I unfortunately got to watch the thing I'd been building be dismantled.

Those experiences made Swash Labs a challenge for me. I came into a role here where I was no longer sure what it was that I was responsible for building. I felt lost amongst a group of amazing creative folks sending their work out into the world everyday. I think I saw the path about 6 months in and then more recently I realized and embraced that my work here is actually the continued building of Swash Labs. We start and stop on the creative road so I try and remind myself as I would my four year old daughter that each day is an opportunity to start again, to work harder, to do better. I'm grateful for the chance to say this to her often as I actually take it to heart.

I get to experience that fruits of my labor a little bit everyday now as well each time I engage with this amazing team. These are creative muscles that I am becoming comfortable at flexing. Last week I got to see a larger effort made real when we toured our new office space. Here is something building out into the world from my own intentionalality. Here is something building out of successful collaboration with our amazing creative team. Here I am building with Swash Labs and sowing the seeds of my future.

Diana Leilani Fonner