wet ink

hello. it's 3:45pm on the friday before a three day weekend. today is my day to blog, and, as i have missed very many of these in the past, i am somewhat slumpily, sluggishly, guiltily forcing myself to do it. not forcing because i don't want to do it. i like blogs. i like writing. i like drinking this beer and sitting here and letting my mind put things on paper no matter what they are. (cuz this here is a digital wet ink session, my folks. no looking back, no editing, just go go go. no regrets. hashtag blessed.) but forcing as in standing ground with my elbows out in a mosh pit of perpetual other stuff in order to make room for this important thing. this blog. Anyway we've been reading a book here around the "office." (if those quotation marks are confusing to you, you can catch up on the ever-loving #summerswash office saga in Diana's latest post.) anyhow, as a team we're reading this book called the artist's way: a spiritual path to higher creativity. it's a 12 week process that is designed to help us -- "us" as in all people, all of us -- reconnect with our creative nature. it's interesting but also uncomfortable cuz it forces me to examine myself closely sometimes. and that's, like, sometimes really uncomfortable, you know? but there's this other effect i see as a result of writing the daily morning pages (3 pages of stream of consciousness writing) and answering questions about the creative champions and suck-monsters in my life for example, and that's this super groovy, very nostalgic trip back to the salad days of my youth. a time when i felt most connected with my creative nature. and so over the past two weeks, all these random memories have come back to me -- people and moments that crystallized (a very smart-sounding man used that word on npr yesterday, he said crystallized, just like that -- crystallized) that crystallized for me, you know, this need to write and create. it's been very cool. so i'm picking up a few things i had walked away from for a time. silly stuff that really tickled me as a youngster, like doodling and crafting. colorful stuff that makes me happy and thoughtful, and that challenges the creative slump i've been in. like i said: it's been very cool. anyways, i guess what i'm trying to say is, craft party at my house, all day every day, y'all.

there. morning pages done. blog done. beer done. okay i'll have to fix that last one...


keep it kickwriting at all costs,