Three Hunters

My name is Charlie Hunter and I'm the new kid at Swash Labs. I'll assume that you found this blog post via Facebook while you were supposed to be doing work. Good for you. Stick it to the man. Whenever I write blog content for anything, music is my go-to topic. It's what I know and I can spend hours telling you the full lineage of Pinhead Gunpowder, Atilla or any number of other bands that you couldn't care less about. Since this is my first time contributing to the Swash blog, I thought I might take a different approach. I'm planning to keep this job for a while, so I'll have plenty of chances to overload you with rock'n'roll factoids down the road. Instead, today I want to tell you about my role models.

Two of the biggest role models in my life aren't even real people. They're real to me, but probably not to you.

Shawn Hunter was the first character I saw on TV that I ever felt was relatable. He was mostly a normal kid, but there was an underlying sadness in his life that he always struggled with. Boy Meets World (AKA the best show ever) dealt with these issues and emotions with a sense of nurturing, unlike the sarcasm of shows like Roseanne. Over the course of seven seasons, he was constantly being tested and evolving into something better.  As a kid, whenever my life would seem too complicated, I would remind myself that Shawny had made it and so could I. He is still the voice in my head that reminds me to persevere.

Mark Hunter taught me to fight. To fight for what I believe in. For what's right. For love. For the right to party. Ok, that was probably the Beastie Boys. He showed me that being true to yourself is more important than having friends or following the rules or fitting in. Pump Up the Volume (AKA the greatest movie of all time) showed me that you can't always win, but if you're fighting the good fight, you'll never really lose.