Working From Home

I keep telling people what an adjustment working from home will be for me as I've never done it. Each time those words slip out I internally chide myself not to openly discount all the work that happens in the home. I think what I'm really trying to reconcile is the lack of separation from home and work. Many of my coworkers already have a much more fluid relationship with Swash but my general working life (prior to Swash) had been more delineated in the past. I would leave my home and go to a place to complete my work at my job. I would leave that office place and go home to continue my work with my family. Swash Labs has already crossed many of those boundaries that I understood work to be. Swash Labs is partly a family business. A job at Swash Labs, for me in particular, is something outside a job and something more than a career. Getting to work with such an amazing team to really build something new is the stuff dreams are made of. Our summer set up is just the next line crossed.

Summer Swash is going to give me an entirely new view, and I am grateful for that.