Summer Readin', Happened So Fast

Though you could have fooled me, summer officially begins this Friday. Accordingly, the Swash Labs crew will kick off our fourth annual Summer Reading Challenge. A friendly reminder of what this process entails:

  1. Read – Any and all books are eligible.

  2. Blurb – Write and submit a short summary about each book.

  3. Repeat – Repeat!

Every completed book counts as a raffle entry for a nifty prize drawing at the end of summer!

A few of us have some titles to conquer this year:

“A lot of these have been on the shelf for an embarrassing amount of time. It is likely they will be moved to a new shelf before they are read. Also, I have 4 new releases on my radar for this next quarter that are going to cause a distraction.”

– Stephanie

“I've been listening to a lot of The Clash lately and I'm currently doing Shaun T's Transform :20 workout, so I'm really looking forward to reading those books to tie my reading to my daily activities.”

– Charlie

“I’m trying desperately to be a better reader this year, and it’s going… alright. I semi-regularly participate in Spiderweb Salon’s Follow the Reader book club, so in addition to the pictured tiny pile, I’ll attempt to get three or so others in before the summer’s out.”

– Andi

Diana’s lovely summer Tsundoku pile.

Andi Harman