Josh Joins the Truman National Security Project

Josh Berthume, Truman National Security Project logo

As a digital agency, Swash Labs is interested in the current climate of the Internet age and how we can help our clients secure their digital future. It’s important to us to stay knowledgeable about digital risk, and our Founder and CEO, Josh Berthume, has just taken things a step further. We’re proud to announce that Josh is now a member of the Truman National Security Project. The Truman Project is a nationwide membership of diverse leaders that is committed to advocating for tough, smart national security solutions. Josh has completed extensive research on disinformation and digital propaganda through his company Rogue Metrics, and his membership will provide the opportunity to learn more about national defense, foreign policy, and digital security from top leaders in the nation.

“The Truman Project advocates for a worldview that national security, defense, and foreign policy should originate from a position in which human rights, justice, and democracy should be the priorities and guiding principles,” says Josh. “In the 21st century, that perspective is vital to defending and promoting western democracy and maintaining the post World War II order.”

As a national security fellow (and a member of the Technology and Innovation working group), Josh will be exposed to numerous educational opportunities about where industry, federal policy, trade, and national economics are headed next. This will be extremely useful in formulating and contextualizing a worldview and a perspective on technology and business that looks at the big picture, while being practical and beneficial for Swash Labs and its clients.

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