Charlie Hunter

Media Analyst

Charlie was lured into working at Swash Labs by his desire to work in a creative and collaborative environment that doesn’t involve gourmet sandwiches. Whether it’s coworkers or clients, Charlie loves to help people and is happy contributing to the success of others. He spends a lot of time studying and working on training modules to become better at helping the media team kick ass and take… data! His work philosophy can be neatly summed up:

“If something seems impossible, take a five minute break and try again.”

Charlie is a native of the DFW area and went to school at UTD to focus on nonprofit business management, social issues, and math. He even runs a record label called I Love Math! Charlie likes to keep active by running and participates in endless volunteer activities, including a nonprofit he started called Friends with Benefits that raises money for North Texas charities. Charlie serves as the Director of Programming for Denton’s annual music festival, 35 Denton, helps out with Best Little Brewfest, and goes to a LOT of shows. We have been meaning to talk to him about his Candy Crush addiction.

If you want to be invited to everything that ever happens in Denton, add Charlie as a friend on Facebook, otherwise you can follow him on Instagram.


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