Jon Collins

Commercial Director & Cinematographer

This guy. At Swash Labs, Jon is the master of creative video work and instigating nerf battles. He lives and breathes visual production, always scanning the horizon for the next exciting project or collaboration. He can’t sit still very long (except maybe when editing) so even in his (infrequent) spare time he’s probably playing music, writing, or shooting.

Jon went to University of North Texas as a music student for composition and kicked ass at everything. He’s won some awards for things but can’t remember what they are right now. What he can remember is that he’s always looked up to his grandfather and his father because they’re the men who taught him the value of knowing how to take care of business. That explains a lot. Jon’s personal motto is

“You stay 'til the job’s done.”

which is probably why he can be found at work at all hours of the night, making the rest of us look lazy. Every day he brings his cat to work. Her name is Sir Pacey Chaos Burrito Draper Junior and we love her.

If you are interested in great video work, you should check out Jon’s work on Vimeo or find him on other social media outlets for ecletic commentary on movies, production, and nerdy gear talk.


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Jon Collins | Commercial Director & Cinematographer