Scott Garrison

Director, Insights & Research

Scott has the uncanny ability to figure out how to make something out of nothing using only his mind. He knows a little about a lot of things and a lot about how people make decisions. These skills came in quite handy as a professional political operative in the days before Swash Labs, and his sixth sense for sensing and measuring what motivates the masses is especially useful at the agency when planning campaigns and informing clients in making good investments with their budgets. Scott’s favorite part of The Work is taking a well-crafted story from the creative department and putting it to action, or as he calls it, the art of “turning a dial ‘here’ and watching something ‘over there’ move.”

Data and Politics and Beer and Being a Dad.

Scott grew up in Georgia, in a suburb of Atlanta. In high school he played tenor sax in one of the top high school jazz ensembles in the Southeast, and was one of two sophomores to play Montreux Jazz Fest. He studied Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, International Affairs, and Economics at Georgia Tech before attending Grad School at UT Austin. He has a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and was admitted to Candidacy for a Doctorate at UT, but began his political practice before completing his dissertation. He’s okay with that. Nowadays work and being a Dad take top priority.

Scott daydreams about one day being able to buy programmatic placements in feature length streaming videos in real-time auction environments. He can’t wait until this is someday a real thing so he can walk around saying “DIDN’T I TELL YOU” over and over. Swash Labs is amazing, but Scott swears his dream job would be to count yeast... so if he is ever offered a job doing data analysis at a small brewery, we will notice his sudden absence and miss him greatly.

You can always follow Scott on Twitter @scgarris if you’re into occasional data nerdiness, clever insights about beer, and rare moments of political activism punctuated by long periods of silence.



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