Todd Little

Graphic Designer

Todd has been drawing, painting, and designing since he could hold a Crayon. Mostly uninterested in school, Todd thrived in his art classes — a love that eventually led him to graphic design and into the Swash family. As our graphic designer, Todd loves having all different kinds of projects come across his desk and is up for any design challenge. There’s no need to fear when you put your business in Todd’s hands — he’ll totally make you look cool.

Astra inclinant sed non obligant.

When he’s not at Swash, Todd enjoys creating album artwork for local musicians and working on event art through TLP Mediaworks. Todd is proud to be a first generation American (his parents are from New Zealand), and although Todd means "fox," he’d have to say his spirit animal is a dolphin. They seem to really know how to have fun.


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Todd Little | Graphic Designer