Happy Swash-o-Ween!

We take Halloween pretty seriously here at the Labs.

We’re a fairly creative bunch, which means that when it comes to costumes, we don’t hold back. Every year we have a friendly costume competition, and everyone dons their spookiest attire in the hopes of winning one of our coveted Halloween costume trophies. The award categories are:

Swash-o-Ween 2018 Award Statues
  • Most Creative Costume (as voted on by peers)

  • Thriftiest Costume

  • Best Use of Recycled Materials in a Costume

  • Most Facebook Likes on a Costume

  • Best Use of a Swash Labs Inside Joke

Not everyone can be a winner, but everyone enjoyed getting to play dress-up and eat our Halloween treat of choice: pizza. Keep scrolling to check out all the amazing costumes this year and find out who took home the trophies!

President/CEO in costume, wearing an apron and holding a bakery box

Josh Berthume, President/CEO, as Jacob Kowalski from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Director of Agency Ops, Diana, in costume as notable witch Queenie Goldstein

Diana Fonner, Director of Agency Operations, as Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Account Services Director Joan as a classic sheet ghost

Joan Wells, Account Services Director, as a Spooky Ghost

Jessica, Creative Group Head, in her snuggie, working on her night cheese

Winner of the Most Facebook Likes: Jessica Zerbe, Creative Group Head, as Night Cheese Liz Lemon

Media and Planning Director Stephanie as the Hormone Monstress

Winner of Most Creative: Stephanie Delk, Director of Media and Planning, as The Hormone Montress from Big Mouth

Art Director Andi is DEVO, sporting the recognizable red energy dome

Andi Harman, Art Director, as DEVO

Director of Insights and Research, Scott, sporting a hoodie and a creepy mannequin head

Winner of Best Use of a Swash Labs Inside Joke: Scott Garrison, Director of Insights and Research, as “dancing in a hoodie with a mannequin on my head”

Charlie, our Media Analyst, in a scuzzy Santa suit with a bottle of scotch

Winner of Best Use of Recycled Materials in a Costume: Charlie Hunter, Media Analyst, as Willie Stokes from Bad Santa

Copywriter Faith in her panda bear costume

Faith Morrison, Copywriter, as a Panda

Todd the graphic designer sporting head-to-toe NASA gear

Todd Little, Graphic Designer, as NASA Systems Engineer Bobak Ferdowsi

Administrative Assistant Dynece as the eleventh Doctor Who

Winner of Thriftiest Costume: Dynece Fonner, Administrative Assistant, as the Eleventh Doctor

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